Letter 27


Clifton Ap. 8. 1828

MY DEAR KELSALL,–On the 17th I hope to be in London, and on the following Saturday to leave it; as imperious necessity requires my presence at Göttingen on ye 30th & something still more imperious than necessity calls me to another Continental town in the Netherlands where I must consume a day or two on my passage. In fact as soon as I am M.A. my first desire will be to step into the Ostend packet, wh I shd do directly after leaving Oxford, if I had not some Law business wh will keep me about 2 days in London. Nothing can equal my impatience & weariness of this dull idle pampered isle.

Letters & invitations without number wh have been or must be answered by return of post in the same way prevent me from being more diffuse. I shd be very glad to see you if possible, but do not be in a hurry to be disappointed. You will easily even in the country stumble upon a person as indifferent to fine situation or nearly so as

Yours truly


My landlady is
     Mrs. Landers
          6 Devereux Court
               Temple Bar

Addressed to

[Gosse, 1894]