Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society

While the Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society is no longer an active organization, under the direction of its chairman, John Lovell Beddoes, important strides were made in advancing the knowledge and appreciation of Thomas Lovell Beddoes.

The Society’s aims were

  • To research Beddoes’ life, times and work
  • To encourage relevant publications
  • To further the reading and appreciation of his works by a wider public
  • To produce one Journal issue a year
  • To liaise with other groups and organizations
  • To plan events to further the aims
  • Its work continues through the Jestbook forum and this the Phantom-Wooer website.

    Society Photo Gallery

    Meeting minutes:

    2010 Spring Meeting
    2009 AGM
    2008 AGM
    2007 Spring Meeting
    2006 AGM