2009 AGM

Minutes of the AGM held at Boam’s Farm, Derbyshire on Friday 4th December 2009 at 11:00 a.m.

John Beddoes, Ted and Magda Rasey, Annette Eley, Honor Hewett, Clive Beddoes, Alan Halsey

Apologies and Good Wishes:
Jack and Diana Beddoes, Hugh Parry, Nora Beddoes, Paul Morgan, Brian Hollingworth, Rachel Eley, Nick Nelson, Stephen Davies

Minutes of Previous Meetings
The minutes were agreed as a true record.

Matters arising not on the Agenda

The Chair’s Report
The Chairman welcomed every one and thanked Annette for hosting the meeting. The plan for this year’s AGM to be held at one of the events to be organised at Market Harborough, London University, The Lake District or the Welsh Mountains did not materialise. But it was good to be invited to Boam’s Farm again.

Subsequently we had not held our usual winter meeting.

John reported with sadness that Society members Dorothy Stansfield died in 2008 and Muriel Maby had died in 2009.

David Hancock from Shropshire Life Magazine, noting that 2010 will be the 250th anniversary of Dr Thomas Beddoes’ birth, has written to ask if the Society will be marking the event or joining in celebrations and publicity around Mike Jay’s book, The Atmosphere of Heaven. John has asked David Hancock to keep us informed of any planned event as we would like to come.

The agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries has now moved to Edinburgh.

Hugh Parry has a new Website www.woolgathererinwales.co.uk.

The Society is now listed with the following organisations:

· Ask Hollis, The Directory of UK Associations, “The definitive directory of associations and organisations representing a membership, a mission, or a message”
· The Writer’s and Artist’s Year Book, a publication and website which links aspiring authors to publishers, agents, magazines etc. (www.writersandartisits.co.uk).

The Society is now included in MLAB (Modern Languages Association Bibliography)

Publications of interest include:-

· Honor Hewett has sent the Society a copy of her dissertation “Hood and Beddoes”
· Mike Jay, The Atmosphere of Heaven: The Unnatural Experiments of Dr Beddoes and his Sons of Genius (Yale, 2009), ISBN-13: 978-0300124392, details of which had been sent with Agenda
· Richard Holmes, The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science (Pantheon, 2009), ISBN-13: 978-0375422225, featuring a lot on Anna Beddoes and Humphry Davy
· Brian Hollingworth’s chapter “Richard Edgeworth as Parent and Educator”, in Romanticism and Parenting: Image, Instruction and Ideology, ed. Carolyn Weber (Cambridge Scholar’s Publishing, 2007), ISBN-13: 978-1847182951
· D. P. Miller and T. H. Levere, “Inhale it and See?: The Collaboration between Thomas Beddoes and James Watt in Pneumatic medicine” AMBIX, Journal for the Society of the History of Alchemy and Chemistry, Vol. 55, Number 1, March 2008

Alan and John had contact with Rodney Edgecombe who is writing a book on T.L.B. Rodney Edgecombe lives in South Africa.

The Royal Society in London put on a day of lectures on Dr. Thomas Beddoes to celebrate his 200th anniversary of his death. Some Society members attended and the papers can be seen at the Royal Society’s website at www.rsnr.royalsocietypublishing.org/subscriptions.

Shelley was thanked for organising Jestbook. Members can subscribe by emailing jestbook-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit www.groups.yahoo.com/group/jestbook. Currently there are 34 members and 3196 messages.

Thanks again went to Shelley who has also arranged a Facebook page for the Society and friends, currently with 26 members.

As always a very big thank you for all the work Richard Geyer continues to do with www.phantomwooer.org. The Society website has recently changed in appearance. It is now possible to search for a quote from Thomas Lovell Beddoes’ works (it was noted that it is best to do so one line at a time). The site is extremely professional and very much appreciated. John reported that the new Portrait of Beddoes was now on the website and a big thank you to Rosalind Bliss who had given it to John.

John then reported that Christine Hankinson has resigned as Secretary and that Christine and John would no longer be doing the Newsletter. John regretted her departure from the post and thanked Christine for her work for the Society and the enthusiasm she brought to it. Unfortunately there had been a breakdown in communication about the production of the next Newsletter and the meeting would discuss how to prevent this from happening again. A volunteer or volunteers would be asked to fill the now vacant posts of Secretary and Newsletter editor.

John reported he had spent most of the year with a faulty computer and has now got a new computer. Unfortunately he had lost all his email address book and bits of Beddoes stuff. If society members could email John at john@beddoes.demon.co.uk and include any Beddoes Word document that they may have that would be good for John to build back up his information. It had made John realize the importance of making the Society computer friendly and also to support members without internet access.

Finally John thanked everybody for their continued membership and support over the past year.

Newsletter and Journal
The meeting discussed the importance of putting procedures in place in order to avoid the mistakes made last year. It was agreed that in future the administration of the Newsletter, which has previously been an important part of the Society, will be agreed by the Executive Committee prior to decisions being made. Applications for the both the posts of Society Secretary and Society Newsletter Editor and also Newsletter submissions are requested to be sent to the chairman by 28th February 2010.

The decision on the posts will be made at the next Executive Meeting which is to be held at 3:00 p.m. at the Brunswick, Derby on March 13th.

Alan Halsey noted that it would be good to see some articles of a Beddoes interest in the journal Doomsday.

Submissions for the Newsletter go to:
John Beddoes
9 Amber Court
Derbyshire DE56 1HG
Email john@beddoes.demon.co.uk

Submissions for the journal go to:
Shelley Rees
3416 Walking Sky Road
OK 73013
Email ress@cox.net

Treasurer’s Report
Magda presented the accounts for the period 1st April 2008 – 1st April 2009

Initial balance £247.76

Expenditure £48.53

Income £226.00

New Balance £453.41

Income was made up of £198 taken in subscriptions, £12 in donations and £16 in book sales.

Expenses paid out included £6 ALS membership, £35.38 postage and £7.15 photocopying. Magda noted that expenses were low this year because a Newsletter had not been distributed.

John noted that it was important to keep a record of those people who were not on the internet to ensure that they got mailings. Also that next year we may have to take out Public Liability Insurance. He thanked Magda for keeping the accounts.

Election of Officers
Officers re-elected:

Chair, John Lovell Beddoes: Proposed by Clive Beddoes, seconded by Ted Rasey

The following officers were re-elected. Proposed by Ted Rasey, seconded by Clive Beddoes.

Treasurer, Magda Rasey

Executive Members:-
Annette Eley (Acting Secretary)
Ted Rasey
Alan Halsey
Annette Eley
Paul Morgan
Stephen Davies
Rachel Eley

Secretary, vacant
Newsletter Editor, vacant

Alliance of Literary Societies (ALS)
The next ALS meeting is to be held in Knutsford, Cheshire on 15-16th May hosted by the Gaskell Society. Members might like to visit www.allianceofliterarysocieties.org.uk. It is a good site for literary matters.

Aims and Organisation of the Society.
A discussion took place on the role of the Thomas Lovell Beddoes Society and how it might be run in the future. It was acknowledged that in the 16 years of the Society’s existence, there had been many changes. It was agreed that the Society itself had developed from a small group of family and friends to include a world-wide spread of both academics and non-academics. Also the world has changed during this time, the internet has made communication easier but less directed, and the Society at large is increasingly concerned with liability.

It was also agreed to have an open discussion at the next Executive Meeting in March (all members are welcome) for members to express their ideas on the aims and objectives for the society and to discuss how the Society might be organised in the future.

The Constitution
John had agreed to report to this meeting with a list of Officers, Trustees and Executive members, and also to bring a copy of the Society’s Constitution.

Executive Committee consists of:

Honorary Executive Officers

Chair, John Beddoes
Secretary, vacant
Treasurer, Magda Rasey

Honorary Executive Members

Ted Rasey
Alan Halsey
Stephen Davies
Rachel Eley
Annette Eley
Paul Morgan

Non-executive Honorary Offices:

Newsletter Editor, vacant
Journal Editor, Shelley Rees
Web Manager, Richard Geyer
US Secretary, Rachel Eley

Charity Commission Trustees:

All executive members

Date of Next Executive Meeting (Winter Meeting)
All members invited Saturday March 13th at 3pm at The Brunswick Pub in Derby near the train Station

AGM Provisional Date and Venue
Provisionally Saturday lunch time on September 11th at the Brunswick pub near Derby train Station. The date and location has been left as provisional in case we can find something more exciting to which we can attach the AGM, such as a literary or Beddoesian event.