2010 Spring Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held Saturday 13th March 2010 at 3.00pm, at The Brunswick Pub, Derby.

John Beddoes, Ted and Magda Rasey, Christine Moore, Honor Hewett, Stephen Davies, Alan Halsey, Geraldine Monk

Apologies and Good Wishes:
Received from Hugh Parry, Margaret Wakefield, Mike Bradshaw, Annette Eley, Paul Morgan, Rachel Eley, Nora Beddoes, Richard Geyer, Shelley Rees, Nick Nelson, Christa Glur, Jörg Leick, Janet Frost


In light of John’s decision to step-down as Chairman, and the Society’s long-term lack of a permanent secretary, a discussion regarding the future of the Society took place.

The meeting decided that the Society’s aims and objectives continue to be relevant and will remain. Members present felt strongly that the Society should continue if possible, a sentiment echoed by good wishes from Hugh Parry, Margaret Wakefield, Shelley Rees, Mike Bradshaw and Richard Geyer.

There are currently sufficient trustees for the society to continue to exist, but the vacant offices required for it to remain active (chairman and secretary) are still open for discussion. Nominations are being accepted and will be voted on at the AGM.

The suggestion of a shared chairmanship was made. Alongside this, there has been the proposal of a less traditional structure, in which a coordinator takes charge.

It was agreed that the society requires a new address.

Alan Halsey proposed that John Beddoes become the non-executive, Honorary President of the Society, allowing him to take a less active role, but to remain a figurehead in recognition of his hard work and dedication over the years, and in order to retain his knowledge and passion. The motion was seconded by Ted Rasey.

The meeting agreed that the positions of Editor and Contributing Editor of the society newsletter will be taken by Stephen Davies and Alan Halsey. Help has also been offered by Hugh Parry and Margaret Wakefield.

Stephen volunteered to work on proposals/visualisa tions of a new format for the newsletter, and it was suggested that he and Alan will decide jointly on the finished article.

It was proposed that if possible a first-draft of the newsletter format will be sent out with the minutes of this meeting.

The meeting suggested that the AGM takes place in London, on the basis of increased opportunity for members to attend.

The provisional date for the AGM was decided: Saturday 25th September, 1.pm at The Devereux , 20 Devereux Court, Essex St, The Strand, London, WC2R 3JJ