2008 AGM

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Aston on Clun, Shropshire, UK on July 5, 2008 at 10 a.m.

Present: John Beddoes, Ted and Magda Rasey, Christine Hankinson, Rachel Eley, Hugh Parry, Stephen Davies, Christine Moore and Nick Nelson

Apologies and Good Wishes
Received from Jack and Diane Beddoes, Geraldine Monk, Christa Glur, Margaret Wakefield, Jurg Leick, Viola Read, Geoff Holt, Tana and John Fletcher, and Annette Eley.

Minutes of Previous Meetings
Agreed as a true record with the one alteration: the Treasurer’s Winter report should read 2007/2008

Matters arising not on the Agenda

The Chair’s Report
John started by handing out a programme entitled “Beddoes Connections” witch gave details of the Flower Festival at Hopesay Church that was commemorating Thomas Lovell Beddoes and his extended family.

Thanks to Shelley for organising Jestbook. Subscribe at jestbook-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit www.groups.yahoo.com/group/jestbook. Currently there are still 34 members and 3196 messages.

The meeting welcomed Christine Moore and Nick Nelson to their first Society meeting.

As always a big thank you for all the work Richard Geyer continues to do. www.phantomwooer.org

John hoped the new Portrait of Beddoes would be ready shortly for Jim Clark to do his work.

John thanked Christine Hankinson for her editing of the Newsletter.

Finally John thanked everybody for their continued membership and support over the past year.

Please see advert on back of Newsletter and winter meeting minutes.

Submissions of articles to the Journal:
Shelley Rees
3416 Walking Sky Road
OK 73013
Email ress@cox.net

The meeting thanked John and Christine for their work, the new look Newsletter was much appreciated.

Newsletter articles and letters, observations, advice, inquiries etc to:
John Beddoes
9 Amber Court
Derbyshire DE56 1HG
Email john@beddoes.demon.co.uk

Treasurer’s Report
No expenditure since last meeting. Memberships received for 3 members. There had been no printing costs for this year’s Newsletter.

Thank you to Magda.

Election of Officers
Officers re-elected – Proposed by Stephen, seconded by Ted.

Chair, John Lovell Beddoes
Secretary, Christine Hankinson
Treasurer, Magda Rasey
Web Manager, Richard Geyer
Journal Editor, Shelly Rees
Newsletter Editor, Christine Hankinson

Executive Members:

Ted Rasey
Alan Halsey
Annette Eley
Rachel Eley (US Secretary)
Paul Morgan

Stephen Davies was elected as an Executive member. Rachel Eley was confirmed as our US Secretary to help with US postage printing and Newsletter distribution.

John agreed to report back to next meeting with a definition of Officers, Trustees and Executive members and also bring a copy of the Society’s Constitution.

Alliance of Literary Societies (ALS)
Two good sites for literary matters.

Stephen mentioned that a copy of The Picture and the Prosperous Man by John Gervas H Bourne (1835) was now available on [?]. In his book The Picture Bourne bases the character Derwent on Beddoes.

Date of Next Winter Meeting and AGM
Two possibilities, Firstly Alan Halsey an Geraldine Monk might be doing a Beddoes Talk and Poetry reading at Market Harborough early next Year. Secondly there may be a Beddoes Conference or Panel at London University during 2009. Watch this Space.

Philip Beddows may be planning a Beddows/es festival in Wales celebrating 1000 years.

The Meeting closed with a walk to Hopesay followed by Lunch at the Kangaroo.

Foot Note
Sandra Spence was made an Honorary Member of the Society. Members enjoyed a conducted tour of the Hopesay grave yard and a walk to various house either owned by Thomas Lovell Beddoes or built on his land.

Tea was had at Hopesay Farm House with thanks to Nic Allen. This house was lived in by Thomas Lovell Beddoes’ Aunt and later his Sister

For an youtube account please visit http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8rU9Va_uEG8