2007 Spring Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held at Yew Tree House, 31 Woodside, Morley, Derbyshire, on Saturday 7th April 2007. 2.00 pm.

Present: John Beddoes, Ted and Magda Rasey, Annette Eley, Alan Halsey.

Apologies and Good Wishes

Received from Geraldine Monk, Hugh Parry, Margaret Wakefield, Christine Hankinson, Viola Reade, Michael Bradshaw, Eric Webb, Greg Crossan, Rachel Eley, Jack and Diane Beddoes.

Christine and Bertie were greatly missed and the meeting sent very best wishes to Christine for a fast recovery.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the AGM held on Saturday 23rd September 2006 were approved as a true record.

Matters arising not on the Agenda

There were none.

The Chair’s Report

John started by thanking Christine for arranging the Oxford AGM that had been so successful.

Jestbook continued thanks to Shelley for organising. Subscribe at jestbook-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit www.groups.yahoo.com/group/jestbook

Currently there are 32 members and 2785 messages.

Congratulations to Brian Holmes. Two of his settings of songs from DJB – The New Cecilia and The New Dodo (Squats on a Toadstool) are scheduled for performance with the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra this June. Another local orchestra offered him a commission to write an overture.

We welcome 2 new members which brings our membership to 105, one who joined following the Radio 4 Broadcast.

John had written to Chantelle Stayings from Primavera Press who were producing plays at the Kings Head Theatre, Islington. They had requested information via the Alliance of Literary Societies (ALS) for “Forgotten Classics” and wanted information on plays rarely produced. John had sent a copy of DJB.

John thanked Richard Geyer for his work on developing and updating the website and said that Kelsall’s Memoirs is now online and so are some MP3 files.

It might be possible to include the Radio 4 broadcast on jestbook, but it may have to be broken down into separate files.

John apologized for the delay in posting out the AGM minutes but the delay had meant that we could post these minutes at the same time that would save some cost on posting! He had been able to include in the mailing a bookplate he has had made with some information about it, plus a list of books in his collection. The bookplate is in a plastic wallet and is prone to get stuck in the envelope! John asked that members noted that the book list did contain some errors in typing, beware! An up to date version of his Beddoes books would be available on the website.

Finally John thanked everybody for their continued membership and support over the year.


John thanked Shelley again for the Journal and would check with Shelley in case she needed any help or finances for Vol.13, it was hoped that Fred would be able to provide the photograph of Donner for the next Journal.

Other items still to be considered for Vol.13:

Judith Higgens article on Wilkinson plus John to check on update on Dr King Publication

Fred’s article on Donner with photograph

Richard Geyer Bibliography update

Brian Hollingsworth article might be ok for next year John to chase.

John agreed to ask Ute for transcript of her talk on Beddoes and Blumenbach and to check what this item was.

Alan Halsey suggested that it would be useful to publish a selection of extracts from Jestbook which had been active and interesting lately.

All items to Shelley please “submissions of articles and letters, observations, advice, inquiries etc” to:

Shelley Rees
3416 Walking Sky Road
OK 73013

Email ress@cox.net



Congratulations to Richard Geyer who has used his skills as a librarian to develop the website. It has clearly been an extensive project and the Society is extremely grateful to Richard for this achievement. The Committee is very pleased to have an authoritative website to display Beddoes material.

It may be possible to add links to useful sites. If anyone has suggestions for links get in touch with rgeyer@adrian.edu

John mentioned that his son Thomas Beddoes had been filling gaps in the Dr Thomas Beddoes and Thomas Lovell Beddoes sections of Wikipedia, adding links to Thomas Kelsall and the TLB Society and cross linking father and son.

Treasurer’s Report


Opening balance     £ 276.35
Total Income     £ 287.63
Total expenditure     £ 182.09
Carried Forward Balance     £ 381.89

It was noted that the balance carried forward was high because the Journal was yet to be sent out.

The Society has been benefiting from a very reasonable printing rate of 1p a sheet. This agreement is to come to an end, but Belper School have agreed to the same rate. A discussion ensued on the new postal rates relating to the size of envelopes and it was agreed to be careful with the current mailing and to look at the relative cost of publishing the Journal on A5 format in order to benefit from the lower postage rates. A5 may also make the articles easier to read. John agreed to look into the cost of having the publication produced entirely at the printers.

John has included a membership renewal form with the journal for those members who needed to renew membership. Now made easy for those people with access to Pay Pal at john@beddoes.demon.co.uk or US$ to Shelley Rees, plus Standing Orders on Request.

A big thank you to those members who have signed a Standing Order it has made the job of treasurer a lot easier and thank you to people who have supplied alternative email address if they are not on email

John said that there was a problem with some bouncing email addresses and asked members to update their contact details if necessary.

Alliance of Literary Societies (ALS) AGM

May 19th hosted by The Tolkien Society at St Hilda’s College Oxford.

More information from John or Christine. If you want to attend, they have to be told by 1st May.


1. TLS promotion to be include in mailing

2. The possibility of organising a TLB Society German/Swiss tour in September 2009 was discussed. eg 2 nights each in Basle/Zurich, Gottingen and Wurzburg allowing a full day in each to follow the life story of Thomas Lovell Beddoes in these parts. This is only an idea at present but could be realised if there is enthusiasm for it from enough members of the Society. John would be very keen to hear from anybody interested in this tour. The suggestion is to stay in the Swan Hotel in Baden where TLB was reported to have tried to cut off his leg. Wow!

3. 2009 is the 1000 anniversary of the Welsh Prince Elston Glodrydd from whom Thomas Beddoes is descended. Philip Beddows is organising celebrations on a Welsh hillside. Hopefully more details to follow.

AGM 2007

September 22nd at Leeds details to be confirmed via jestbook and email.

Meeting at the Scarborough Hotel for Lunch at 11.00am next to Leeds railway station.

Date of Next Winter Meeting

Winter Meeting Saturday April 5th 2008. Venue to be decided.

The meeting ended at 4.00 pm.