2006 AGM

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Oxford on Saturday 23rd September 2006 at Worcester College Oxford.

Present: John Beddoes, Ted and Magda Rasey, Christine Hankinson, Annette Eley, Rachel Eley, Christine Eley and Rachel Salisbury.

Apologies and Good Wishes
Received from Jack and Diane Beddoes, Alan Halsey, Geraldine Monk, Janet Frost, Ute Bern, Christa Glur, Hugh Parry, Margaret Wakefield, Roy Humphrey, Clive Beddoes, Stewart Minton-Beddoes, Jurg Leick.

Minutes of Previous Meetings
The minutes of the Winter Meeting held on Monday 3rd April 2006 and the AGM minutes of 29th October 2005 were approved as a true record.

Matters arising not on the Agenda
We enjoyed three excellent visits in Oxford. First we went to see Lucy Walker the librarian of Pembroke (she had worked in Gottingen before). We examined The Improvisatore with TLB’s own bookplate inside alongside a dedication to his friend JGH Bourne and a copy of The Brides’ Tragedy in which there was an interesting dedicatory poem by EG Meyerstein. At The Bodleian we were treated to a whole range of Beddoesiana – from scrapbooks to the Dykes Campbell transcripts. Including another copy of The Improvisatore in which Beddoes had inserted an amendment to the prefatory Jonson quote. And then in the afternoon to Worcester College library where Dr Parker gave us a talk on the library of CH Wilkinson.

The Chair’s Report
Jestbook continues thanks to Shelley for organising. Subscribe at jestbook-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit www.groups.yahoo.com/group/jestbook. Currently there are 31 members and 2619 messages.

Thank you very much to those members who do not have personal email address but who had sent a contact email address.

Radio 4 was a great success a big thank you to all who contributed. CD’s available from John.

We welcome 4 new members which brings our membership to 103. We will now be paying the ALS an increase in membership dues! Unfortunately we might be losing one or two due to lost contact and non payment of membership. It would be nice to keep membership over 100.

Any US member who has access to cheap/free photocopying and would undertake to pack and post 11 US Society Journals next year please let John know.

A big thank you to all the work Richard Geyer has done. The website has been completely updated and even the address has changed! The latest news is that Kelsall’s Memoir is now online and so are some MP3 files. It is now www.phantomwooer.org.

Finally John thanked everybody for their continued membership and support over the year.

Election of Officers
Officers re-elected

John has still failed to make contact with Mark Ford or Frances Wilson re possible Journal articles.

Other items still to be consider for Vol.12.

Judith Higgens article
Fred’s short article on Donner with photograph hopefully next year
Richard Geyer Bibliography update done
Brian Hollingsworth article might be ok for next year
Michael Remy article?
John to ask Ute for transcript of her talk on Beddoes and Blumenbach?
Essaka Joshua Article 3?
Mike Bradshaw’s ER account of DJB at Fordam John to chase for permission to reprint
Pickled Essence of Englishman Dr Iain Bamforth. John has received permission from Iain (plus disc version) but would need to contact BMJ Publishing Group to do David M Baulch. The “deserted home” of the Psyche: Madness and the Medical Subject of Romantic Science in Thomas Lovell Beddoes’s The Brides’ Tragedy. John to ask permission.
Annette’s article on the Radio 4 programme

All items to Shelley please “submissions of articles and letters, observations, advice, inquiries etc” to:

Shelley Rees
3416 Walking Sky Road
OK 73013
Email: ress@cox.net

Treasurers Report
Opening balance     £305.21
Total Income     £360.77
Total expenditure     -£389.63
Carried Forward Balance     £276.35

John will include a membership renewal form with the journal for those members who needed to renew membership.

Alliance of Literary Societies (ALS) AGM May 19th hosted by The Tolkien Society at St Hilda’s College Oxford. More information from John or Christine. If you want to attend they have to be told by 1st May.

AGM 2007

Date of Next Winter Meeting
Winter Meeting April 2007 Date to be confirmed

Date of Next AGM

It was decided that John will write a note on Jestbook about a projected visit to Germany and perhaps Switzerland in 2008. Ideas for visit greatly welcome.


Next Meeting
April 7th at 12..00 noon at Ted and Magda’s. John and Annett can collect people from Derby railway station at 11.00ish and return by 4.00ish. Please phone John or Annette to book lift.

The AGM will be on September the 22nd probably at Leeds, venue to be confirmed.