Beddoes Family

1.  This is a portrait of Anna Beddoes (1773-1824), the mother of Thomas Lovell Beddoes. Image used by permission of John Lovell Beddoes.

2.  This is an 1842 pencil drawing of William Minton Beddoes (1817-1870). As well as being related to Thomas Lovell Beddoes (cousin), William followed his older relative to Germany where he also studied medicine and they became friends. In his final note TLB bequeathed William a case of champagne to drink his “health” (death) in. The drawing is 18.2 x 22 cm. and is also in the Berg Collection. The image is used by permission of the New York Public Library.

3.  The Edgeworth family, from The Black Book of Edgeworthstown.

4.  Richard Lovell Edgeworth, the grandfather of Thomas Lovell Beddoes, from The Black Book of Edgeworthstown.

5.  Another portrait of Richard Lovell Edgeworth.