Letter 4


Thursday. Devx Court
1 April [1824]

DEAR KELSALL,–I am sorry to find that my guardian will not let me go out of town, as he thinks my presence is necessary to the arrangement of affairs; and will be so for some weeks. I must be at Oxford on the 2nd of May, so that I fear I shall not be able to find an odd day for Southampton. From what I recollect of the enclosed letter sent exactly as I found it in my desk, there is an account of my literary proceedings, to which nothing has been added since the writing, nor will there for some time to come. I have not seen Procter yet but believe he is in town. When do you think of appearing here? You can easily manage, if your visit occurs in May, to return thro’ Oxford where I shall be, quite at liberty after the first week, and at which time you will see everything to the very best advantage; much better than if you had gone there at Xmas. What sort of a letter did A. Brooke write? I am obliged to you for patching up my manners to Harrison. I saw Shelley’s cousin (Mr. Shelley Harris, the greatest fool within the walls of my acquaintance) the other night at Oxford repeating the whole of the “Deformed” in raptures

God forgive him!

Yours ever–T. L. Beddoes.

“London, April the first 1824
Houndwell Lane


[Gosse, 1894]