Letter 33

Wurzburg May 4th 1831

After promising to subscribe £5 towards the subscription for the support of candidates who were professed supporters of the Reform Bill:–

LETTER 33 (Fragment)


Wurzburg May 4th 1832

WE have been fortunate enough at W: to have entertained a considerable number of the most distinguished Polish officers and other exiles from that unconquered, tho’ at present enslaved, country, among others Rybinsky, Dembinski, Stanislaus Astrowski with his 3 sons, and we expect Malachowski daily: Saxony, Bavaria, and the other smaller states of Southern Germany have done much to obliterate the stain, which the perfidious conduct of the Prussian government have attached to the German name: but I am afraid that the Polish and European people will not be very ready to forget and forgive the pitiable imbecility of France and the temporising selfishness of England in this matter. Every Bavarian carried a joke on the new king of Greece in his heart, many a one on his tongue.

[Gosse, 1894]