Letter 42



Zurich April 28 1838

MY DEAR PHILLIPS,–I have been some weeks employed in translating Mr. Grainger’s book on the Spinal Cord into German: the book will be printed probably in the summer: but before that happens I should wish to communicate either personally or by letter with the author on some points, not essentially connected with the enquiry, which have been set in a clearer light by more recent writers. I allude especially to some observations on the microscopic anatomy of the central organs of the nervous system contained in the latter paragraphs of the 2nd chapter, which must be either omitted or altered, inasmuch as it is no longer admitted by the more experienced in these delicate researches that the peculiar form ascribed by Ehenburg, Purkinge &c to the primary medullory fibrils in the brain and in its’ dependancy, is to be found in the fresh and uninjured organ.

[Gosse, 1894]